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educating the whole child. honoring individual differences.

fostering the academic and social success

of k-3 children who are neurodiverse

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what we believe impacts teaching, how we listen, and how they learn

We know that all brains can learn. We believe that how children learn should be honored. We believe that data matters...the numbers and the anecdotes. We believe it is our job to find your child's learning channels and build upon their strengths.

-Landria Seals Green, Founder

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Academic ABA Program

Academic ABA Program for learners with autism ages 6-11.

K-3 Academic for children with learning disabilities

K-3 Academic classrooms for children with learning disabilities


program offerings

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Data-Driven Instruction

Precision Teaching

Small group instruction and classroom sizes

Schedule awareness to address learner organizational needs

Music and Movement

Science and Social Studies

Daily Academic Blocks

Parent School Partnership

Foreign Language Option including ASL

School Lunch included as part of tuition

Direct Instruction

Speech & Language Therapy

Ability based reading,writing,and math groups

Behavior Science in Teaching


We know that children learn when confidence building is alongside academic instruction + our class sizes are smaller.

Interventionists working along side educators.

A 10:1 student ratio in large groups.

A 3:1 in small group classes

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Kid Learning from Home
Helpful Teacher

K-3 Educators

Behavior Analysts, SLPs, and Interventionists

School Director

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Learning Program Option

Tuition Cost

Tuition Options

How to Enroll

Enrollment Process

K-3 Academic Program

$16,000 per year

Private tuition options include monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually

Parent self enrollment or school district referral

Academic ABA program



School district referral

Excel Prep is a ten-month tuition-based school with a calendar including spring and winter breaks. We accept students on a rolling admission.

School start date August 16, 2023

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behavior science + meets education = teaching precisely

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Minimum Qualifications

School Director

Advanced Degree in Education.

Must have at least three years as a school administrator


LBS1 certified education professional. Teachers new to the profession welcome. Teachers needed for grades K-3.

Speech Language Pathologist

State licensed and ASHA Certified. Experience or interest in AAC required.

Art Teacher, Music & Movement

Specialists who are interested in developing the budding the creative muscles in children

all learners deserve an academic environment that affirms, educates, and nurtures.


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all learners deserve an academic environment that affirms, educates, and nurtures.